Mujadidi Foundation

 Tax ID # 26-5433770

Mujadidi Foundation is a Nonprofit organizations that is an integral part of local and international communities, providing a vast array of services, fostering civic participation, and building social cohesion. They also are an economic force, buying and selling commodities and services. We are also realigning public priorities, homeland security issues, and raising dollars for many different causes.

Human services and educational fields  

Human services account for nearly one third of our services. Higher education is a main focus for Mujadidi Foundation. We are currently working a project to start collecting funding for a school in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.  Mujadidi Foundation believes that a country is only as developed as its people.  You can not expect a country to flourish if its people are not educated and taken care of.  The root and foundation of Afghanistan must change in order for stability to arise.

Hospitals and health care dominate most of what we do 

Hospitals and health care represent the majority of what we do. Together, with our supporters Mujadidi Foundation is working to provide new hospitals, medical equipment, and staff services to many countries around the world.   We are currently working with INOVA health care systems in Virginia and Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC to provide medical equipment to the hospitals in Afghanistan.  We are happy to report that we sent our first shipment of medical equipment in December of 2009.  We are seeking help from our local community members to provide for the shipping cost of these materials.

The overwhelming majority of the nonprofit sector’s resources is concentrated within the non developed areas of the world

The resources of Mujadidi Foundation are heavily skewed toward developing regions.  The people of these nations need our help.  They are the forgotten and no one should have to go without the basics needs of life.  Whether it is a blanket, a pair of shoes or $20 spending money for food, every last bit counts.  We can make a difference.

Mujadidi Foundation is non profit 501 (c) (3) organization

The vast majority of revenue supporting our nonprofit sector comes from people just like you. The most important source of support for our services are cultural groups and private donations from corporations, foundations, and individuals. Not only can you make a change in this world but you can have a tax break at the same time.


Mujadidi Foundation is an integral part of local communities. Through our wide array of activities, we make our lives safer, culturally richer, more caring, and more socially connected. We help build relationships and trust among residents, foster civic participation and social cohesion, and generally help to strengthen and enrich communities. We ar also an economic force, purchasing commodities, and selling services to patrons and consumers.

Mujadidi Foundation provides a vast array of vital services for every age and income group. We do not simply provide services for poor and vulnerable residents. We touch everyone’s lives.

We provide help in the fields of:

.education, excluding higher education
.health providers
.hospitals and their affiliated organizations;
.human services;
.youth development organizations; and
.all other types of 501(c)(3) organizations.

These industry groups capture much of the essence and dynamics of Mujadidi Group, and they are important categories for analyzing the financial scope, resource concentration, and fiscal health of the community.


Mujadidi Foundation strives to stand up for its core values.  We pride ourselves on making sure that any donation collected, whether it be goods, services or monetary reaches its intended target, even if that means hand carrying it.

We do the most with what we get.  Mujadidi Group strives to make every dollar go all the way.  We are 100% non profit and make sure that every penny reaches its intended target.  All of our expenses are paid internally by our board members, hence making every donation last.