Message From Director

 From the Director:

My name is Khalid Mujadidi, the Founder and Director of Mujadidi Foundation; thanks for visiting our web site.

For years I have wanted to set up a foundation for all of the people who don’t have a voice.  I was personally affected by many years of war and tragedy.  I was lucky enough to make it out of a war torn country and make a life for myself and my family.  Now it is time to help those who were not as luck as I was.

Mujadidi Foundation is based on the commitment and foundation that all people are created equal and those of us lucky enough to be living successful, fruitful lives need to help those in need.  Whether it is in your local community or in another country you can make a difference.  It is easy to see pictures of hungry children, pray for them and hope that someone will help them out.  It is hard to be the one to actually take that step and be the one to help make the change.  It is understandable that we are all busy with our own family and day to day lives but we can make time, we can make a couple of extra dollars to help those in need.  Next time you decide to eat out at a fancy restaurant, or decide to spend hundreds of dollars on a football game or a concert, think what that money can do for the poor children around the world who do not have any shoes.  The children who are growing up without any education.  The poor soul down the street who does not have a blanket to keep him warm during his nights on the street.

Mujadidi Foundation has been a personal goal of mine and I hope that it touches a part of your heart.  No matter how successful I am personally, I will not stop until Mujadidi Foundation is successful in achieving its goal.