Current Events:

Nangarhar, Afghanistan (June 24, 2013) – Mujadidi Foundation announces their annual donation program to help the people of Nangarhar, Afghanistan for the upcoming Holy month of Ramadan.

“We are proud and grateful to lend our support to the people of Afghanistan with the help of Allah, Subhanahuwata’ala. These are tough times for the people of our country and others Muslims all over the world, and it is our duty to continue to support each other, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan. With the help of our volunteers, we were able to donate flour to 98 needy families in Nangarhar. Inshallah, with your help, we will be able to grow this program and start many more for the years to come.”

Operating since 2008, Mujadidi Foundation has fed the hungry, provided shelter for the needy, organized many clothing drives, provided school supplies for the children of Afghanistan, helped hospitals across many nations and provided monetarily whenever possible.

It is our hope to bring about change so that 260,000 people are not killed by famine in Somalia, so that the numbers of children that are hungry in Afghanistan are not amongst the worst in the entire world, and to change so many other heartbreaking statics. We believe with your help we can achieve this dream.

 Past Events:

Clothing Drive:

In December of 2009, Mujadidi Foundation along with the help of International Pashtoon Society held a very successful clothing drive to collect clothing for the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Clothing Drive 4

Together the two organizations collected clothing, blankets, shoes in the Virginia and California areas.  We were able to collect an entire truck load of materials that went straight to the Afghan and Pakistani Refugee camps.   We received 150 bags of clothing and many brand new blankets.

Clothing Drive 1
Mujadidi Foundation would like to thank IPS and AEF for all of their help during the clothing and blanket drive.

Shoe Drive:
Help a Sole!

Mujadidi Foundation is hosting a shoe drive to benefit the children of Afghanistan!
Contact us at 703-327-4351 for more details on how to participate
Please make sure that the shoes are in good wearable condition.
All shoes are welcome but warm shoes are preferred!